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is taking a short break

I will be back in three days. I just need some time to finish all your orders.
No worries! I am here, if you have any question about your order, or future order, just contact me. I will answer you normally!
Thank you very much.

Send much love.

- Cause the Covid-19 your order may suffer delays in delivery. We are online to follow your order and answer all the questions you may have.

- AUSTRALIA: The postal service has not yet opened the borders with Australia. We are doing our best to ship your order as soon as possible.


1. Do you want to order a product and the shop is closed?

The shop will open in a couple of days.

2. Are you waiting for your order and it hasn't arrived yet?
Due the Covid-19 your order may be delayed. No worries, parcels are safe, but will take a while.
Calculate 4 weeks since your order was shipped, (this is the maximum it usually takes)
If it have not arrived past this date, please write me without problem, I will do my best to send a new item again.
Etsy updates work a bit bad.

3. Your order has arrived and you are not satisfied?

- It is possible that the order is not your size, color or that you do not like directly, it is completely understandable.
You can exchange it for a different size or for another product. Or send it within 10 days of receiving it. Write me a message telling me what your order is, and as soon as I read it I will write you.
You will receive your refund when you receive the product.

4. Your order has arrived and you are happy.

- Then I will be even happier that you are satisfied.
Let me know! any review, photo or whatever will be of great help to keep slowfashion working and making the world a little better!

Millions of thanks for supporting sustainable fashion and slowfashion.
I have no words to appreciate it.
Send much love!

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