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Hello hello, this is Teresa.

My dream sewing journey started on 2012 during my stay in Ireland, where I found time and a great inspiration to start creating.

As Hooper and circus artist I started to sew just clothing for myself; the kind of clothing I always wanted to wear. :). Easy and comfy to wear.
Then, thanks to different lovely people I met and amazing situations that happened in my life, I started to share and move what I was creating.

Most outfits are made out of Cotton and viscose Jersey fabric.
Everything in my shop is cut and sewn by me in my home.

Most of my designs are my own and hand-painted with water resistant fabric paint.
Check this video out if you want to see how I do it: https://www.facebook.com/AbstractikaCraft/videos/545354888935719/?video_source=pages_finch_main_video&theater<br />

With buying these clothes you support the sustainability ethic as well as an independent designer. Most (though not all) materials used are either recycled or sustainable fibers. Each fabric is selected through various methods and personally picked to ensure quality.

I am grateful to be so well received on etsy and can't express enough my gratitude to you all for checking out my site and supporting me :)

Lots of love to you all!

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